Therapeutic physical education in institutions of higher education in Ukraine

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Міжнародний науковий журнал «Грааль науки»
Human health is defined as one of the most important social factors, which indicates general health, favorable environmental conditions, and the effectiveness of the education system. A person's health is closely related to his profession, physical activity, nutrition, habits, nature of rest, psycho-emotional state. Physical training cannot compensate for the effects of bad habits and improper nutrition. A person does not die from a certain disease, but from a lifestyle. Nature and society are not to blame for the occurrence of most diseases, but man himself - his laziness, greed, and ignorance. In order to become healthy, you need your own efforts, which cannot be replaced by anything. Therapeutic physical education (TPE) helps students with a low level of health to adapt to study conditions, as well as to fully restore body functions, or correct health disorders taking into account the physical condition of students. The implementation of forms of exercise training for students in the practice of physical education will increase the level of motor activity, improve the state of health and, as a result, contribute to better training of future specialists. The peculiarity of the method of therapeutic physical culture is that it not only improves and strengthens the body, but also has an educational value. The basis of exercise therapy is the wide use of the main biological function of the body - movement.
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therapeutic physical culture, student sports, musculoskeletal system, injury, recovery.
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Therapeutic physical education in institutions of higher education in Ukraine / V. Grinko [at al.] // Грааль науки. – 2021. – No. 1. – С. 545-553.