Reactions of the body, which occur only during sports

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By logic, sport should improve well-being - but this is not always the case. The first mention of the relationship between allergies and exercise appeared in 1979, when the first recorded case occurred. One hour before the start of the long-distance race, one of the athletes ate oysters, triggering an attack shortly after the race began. It all started with redness of the face, then there was swelling, urticarial and itching, and then there was airway obstruction. It is known that doctors then gave the runner adrenaline and recommended not to eat oysters before and after training. Since then, science has begun to study this phenomenon, but has not made much progress in studying the issue. Meanwhile, such incidents occur a lot - about 5-15% of cases of acute allergic reactions are caused by exercise. Let us try to understand why this happens.
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allergic reaction, sports
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Grinko V. Reactions of the body, which occur only during sports / V. Grinko, V. Kudelko // Research & Investigations in Sports Medicine. - 2022. - Vol. 8(5), - P. 770-771.